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Royal Greetings! I am Princess Elizabeth for whom the Elizabeth River was named in the 1600s. To help you learn at home during this time, I will be “reaching into the royal treasure box” to provide lots of river-related lessons. New video and topic weekly. Cheerio!

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Join our new reading club and begin your imaginary journey through nature. Youth of all ages are welcome. Share your list of 10 nature books you have read and we'll send you a royal bookmark. You'll also be entered into a drawing for a free monthly book from Princess Elizabeth. Audible Amazon is offering instant stream of an incredible collection of stories that include 8 different languages. At this time all stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. 

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 River Citizen Water Monitor

  During these trying times of social distancing, The Elizabeth River Project is providing an opportunity for youth around the watershed to get outside, explore their home river as River Citizen Water Monitors and learn how human actions can impact the river's health. Representing every branch of the river, twenty-seven students are performing a 10-week water quality activity utilizing the LaMotte Student Kit and testing temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, bacteria, nitrates, phosphates and turbidity. Like field trip investigations at Paradise Creek Nature Park and the Dominion Energy Learning Barge, students use scientific tools and practices. Youth monitors range from ages 8-17 and 3rd through 10th grade. 

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IElizabeth River Project's  Sarah McBride analyzes the  River Monitor's Water Quality Results. She has a M.S. in Biology with a concentration in Ecology from Old Dominion University.

"Averages for Week 2 look good overall with the exception of positive fecal coliform bacteria in all samples. Nitrate is fair at 5ppm, DO, phosphate and turbidity are all in good ranges and pH is excellent.  Keep up the good work monitors!"

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