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The Not So Merry Mummichog (4th grade)

A 4th grade, inquiry-based curriculum to increase geographic literacy, foster Elizabeth River stewardship and empower youth leaders to create a resilient community. Over two weeks, students take ownership of their own bottled river that is home to a mummichog fish (fish bead), a native to the Elizabeth River. With 5 activities they discover humans, nature, sea level rise and flooding make this little fish not so merry. With a message of hope, they learn their choices and action can help. it's a fishy adventure! Limited supplies available. 

Project Blue Crab (3rd-5th grade)

Developing self-paced virtual lessons to help you teach this resilience program to your students. Staff is standing by to provide training and resources. In addition, science buckets of supplies are available and include artifacts and maps. Lessons include fostering stewardship as you teach about the blue crab and students answer, "How could sea level rise and increase flooding affect me, the blue crab and my community, and what actions can I take to help?" You'll learn about the blue crab and how watermen rely on this iconic crab. Videos feature the Dominion Energy Learning Barge, renewable energy, aquatic animals, the value of wetlands and water quality testing. You will also learn how to identify native plants, create art and learn what your students can do to help.

Elizabeth River 101 (All grades)

Developing self-paced virtual lessons to help you teach about the Elizabeth River to your students. Learn history, challenges and best stewardship practices that can help create a healthy river. Resources including an Elizabeth River map for your classroom will be provided along with educators ready to answer your questions. You'll also learn about estuaries, the watershed, runoff, resilience and how to best utilize your schoolyard as a classroom. 

Youth Resilience Projects (All grades)

See "Youth Resilience Project" by clicking on the tab above.

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